Shannon Pigram

Shannon Pigram is a multi-talented HR professional specialising in organisational development, learning, talent management and employee engagement.

His vision is to enhance the performance of people in organisations by inspiring engagement and facilitating continuous improvement and growth. Passionate about employee engagement, he aims to help people within organisations to feel invested in their company.

Facilitating Learning

Above all, Shannon Pigram is a communicator and a leader. He currently works at Norman, Disney & Youngas global Professional Development Manager. He understands the value of continued learning among employees, and with this goal in mind he develops company policies for learning and development.

At NDY, he is responsible for defining the organisation’s culture by facilitating contestant learning and growth. By creating a learning strategy and implementing leadership development programs, he shapes the company’s future and policies.

He designs and heads up programs to train employees and give them the tools to maximise potential and thrive in their roles.

Inspiring Engagement

Dedicated to enhancing the performance of employees within organisations, Shannon is particularly interested in engagement. He understands that an organisation’s success hinges on being proactive with employee engagement. Increased productivity and a spirit of innovation are the natural result of inspiring staff, and one can’t happen without the other.

Managing Talent

Due to his focus on inspiring people in organisations, Shannon also works in talent management. He has produced and co-produced a variety of projects in cities all over Australia. Not afraid of a complex tasks, he has organised many large-scale events and juggled a large range of duties. He is always ready for a challenge and to take on new ventures.

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